Ashley started with Predators of the Heart in 1998. Traveling with her father Dave from age 12 to 17. She had to switch to booking all of his programs from 17-29 years old. Ashley arranged accommodations, pricing, made cold calls to schools, churches and fairs, handled all correspondence only being able to travel on occasion. She got married at 20 years old, Ashley and her husband Aaron donated countless hours helping build enclosures, bottle feeding wolf pups, feed animals while Dave was on the road and raising and caring for many animals. After having her first son in March of 2012, her son Shep has had the opportunity to love and respect nature as much as she does. In 2014 Aaron was diagnosed with cancer while Ashley was 6 months pregnant with their daughter Rilynne. Ashley had to take a year and half break taking care of her husband and new daughter.  Now, Aaron officially in remissions, Ashley was now able to take her father’s place and now run the organization. Handling all Airbnb correspondence, ordering, leading tours, feeding and training animals, managing the gift shop, schedules and staff and most importantly having the opportunity to teach hundreds of people about how every animals plays a vital role in the web of life.