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Wildlife education and conservation


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We are dedicated to helping all species of exotic animals who, for various reasons, find themselves without a place to live out their lives. Our operations fully rely on donations at this time. Click the link to learn how you can help by supporting an animal of your choice monthly! Your support means the world to our animals and staff.

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Dedicated to wildlife education conservation

Help support animals at Because We Matter with your donation.

We believe that good stewardship is the key to honoring these animals and nurturing a love and respect for all of creation! All donations we receive are tax-deductible and will be invested directly into the projects listed. Please contact us if you wish to specify a goal.


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Exotic Animal Rescue

In addition to housing exotic animals, we pride ourselves on educating young and old about each animal and its unique role he/she plays in the web of life. Many of the animals saved are used as ambassadors educating many the importance of their species. Our goal is to reach the hearts of many and leave them with a new appreciation for wildlife and its importance. 

Our Mission

Rescuing animals and teaching their stories inspires conservation!

We recognize that all beings are connected in the web of life. The truth is: we are all here
because we matter. Through awe and wonder, the animals in our care touch hearts, open minds and inspire a community who believes in protecting our shared world and treating every living being with kindness.

Our animal RESCUE gives safe haven to animals who are displaced by human causes and cannot return to the wild. We serve as a sanctuary to exotic animals who need a safe and healthy environment to live out the remainder of their lives.

Through rescue work, our EDUCATION ideology is to nurture a deep love for animals, and in so doing arm the next generation with knowledge and wisdom to protect the wild world around us. We demonstrate that all creatures’ unique characteristics are integral to their role in nature and we celebrate our differences that make us strong.

With our wolf CONSERVATION program, we reach out to all ages in order to teach about
wolves as a keystone species, a clear and excellent example of nature in balance. Our wolfdog ambassadors are involved with scientific programs working to protect the wolf species permanently.