Every Animal Matters


Everything you need to know.

We use AirBnB for our experience.  Click here to schedule a tour.

No, we only offer tours to adults 18 or older. ID may be required at check in. No exceptions!

You must book out a day that has all 8 spots available offered on Airbnb.com If you would like to be the only person, family or group.

Yes, you will need to find a day that has all 8 spots available and contact Ashley at (360) 770-7479 to add more spots to accommodate your group.

We do allow photographers to come in and do a photoshoot of our wolves in their 1 1/2 acre enclosure for 2 hours. You must book out all 8 spots and contact Ashley to let her know what day you have booked so they can have everything ready. We do not allow sexy photoshoots with our animals.

No, thanks to Airbnb we only do state fairs. We no longer travel to schools and churches. State fairs only.

No I am sorry. 18 years or older no exceptions.

No, you have to book through Airbnb. Yes, you have to set up an account if you do not already have one.

Yes, if there is no spots available you may message us through Airbnb messenger to be added to the waitlist. Our schedule is visuals 4-6 months out at a time. So if you would like to book for the following summer you will need to check back 4-6 months before desired date.

Animals carry many things that are not toxic to older children and adults but can be fatal to a pregnancy. Please do not book if pregnant.

No, I am sorry but wheelchairs and walkers makes our animals very nervous and we are unable to accommodate at this time.

Yes, we do show a few of the other animals that reside at our facilities.

No, wolves only get agitated or excited when seeing the dog itself.